In the context that the whole country is fighting the Covid-19 epidemic like fighting the enemy, Hai Phong’s spending of VND 269 billion in the budget to buy the cups and the national flag for the people, according to experts, is wasteful and childish.
Vẫn còn không ít người dân Hải Phòng đời sống nhiều khó khăn /// Ảnh Lê Tân


Many people in Hai Phong still live in difficulties                          Ảnh Lê Tân

Why not let money fight epidemics, support the poor?

Earlier, talking about the reason Hai Phong spent 269 billion dong to give gifts, Mr. Le Khac Nam, Vice Chairman of Hai Phong City People’s Committee, said that this decision was discussed, carefully discussed and not wasted. “The amount of VND 269 billion is really large, but it is reserved for more than 600,000 households, divided into nearly VND 500,000 per household,” Mr. Nam said.

According to Mr. Nam, it is expected that one set of kettles will cost about VND 400,000, each national flag will cost VND 20,000.

This taste is also proud, the kettle is a high quality Vietnamese product, very beautiful, if not used, it can be displayed. The goods are ordered separately, the market price is about 700,000 VND, but because Hai Phong buys a lot, it is about 400,000 VND. Any national flag needs it.

Prior to the above explanation, Ms. Pham Chi Lan, former General Secretary and Vice President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, former Member of the Prime Minister’s Research Committee, could not hide her frustration: So childish. The establishment anniversary is lacking in any meaningful and practical way. Why are you giving warm gifts, flags and flags while the whole country is struggling in difficulties because of Covid-19 epidemic? Objectionable, ostentatious, wasteful ”.    Still according to this expert, even in Hai Phong, people and businesses are also very difficult to fight the epidemic. In particular, this is a “hot” area of ​​trade, import and export with China. Therefore, the city must go into practical tasks, focusing resources to support. “This is a state budget, partly from the people paying taxes. Now the whole country in general, Hai Phong in particular, why are they so difficult to bring support and give such gifts to each other like that? ”, Ms. Pham Chi Lan expressed, and said that the City People’s Council as well as Hai Phong deputies must speak up to stop immediately.

“Even the leaders of the city themselves, the leaders must review their thinking and responsibilities. Do not be ostentatious, wasteful of the state money when we are too difficult and still very poor. Let that money build a hospital and a school for people, ”Ms. Lan suggested. Similarly, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Tri Long, former Director of the Price Market Research Institute (Ministry of Finance), frankly said he did not agree with such a job, whether it was the 65th anniversary or the 100th anniversary. founded the city.

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